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Why Use a Professional Inventory Clerk?

  • The quality of the inventory you receive will protect your assets and protects the interests of all parties. In the event of a dispute over the return of the deposit, a professional, detailed inventory will be essential.

  • Red Stag Inventories use the latest technology and time stamp photographs.

  • An independent inventory clerk can act as an independent witness in the event of a dispute.

  • Producing an inventory takes time. Time to travel, time to document and time to collate and produce the document.

  • The Letting Agent Code Of Practice (Scotland) Regulations 2016 states that letting agents who are responsible for checking tenants in, must produce an inventory.

  • If you accept and lodge a deposit from your tenant without creating a detailed and accurate inventory, you may as well not take a deposit at all. The deposit is considered to be the tenant's money and without good evidence, an adjudicator will generally find in favour of the tenant, even if they may want to award to the landlord. Evidence is a requirement to make a claim against the deposit

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