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Fair Wear and Tear

Red Stag Inventories will accurately detail all damage, marks and note stains and the level of cleanliness. After a year or so of inhabiting a property and in many cases, a lot longer, wear and tear will occur. This is normal and to be expected, especially in a family property and over a longer tenancy.

Wear and tear cannot be claimed for against a deposit. Red Stag Inventories will document the property as it is found and make no comment upon the duration of the tenancy, but an adjudicator will almost certainly take this into consideration. Some examples of wear and tear are: minor scuffs and small scrapes or a worn carpet that is slightly dirtier, (not filthy) than at the start of the tenancy. Examples of damage that would probably not be considered as wear and tear are: chips to the enamel in bathrooms, stains, rips and scratches. Burn marks are not wear and tear.

These examples are not an exhaustive list and wear and tear is not always easy to define. Generally, if the damage can reasonably be prevented, it is damage and if it has occurred as the result of inhabiting the property and has occurred as a result of normal use, it is wear and tear.