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Landlords and Agents

It is your responsibility to ensure the tenant receives a copy of the inventory at the start of the tenancy. We would always recommend going through the inventory with the tenant at check in and agreeing everything together at this point.

Tenants have seven days to look over the inventory and sign and you should advise them to do this carefully and contact you within seven days if they wish to report any discrepancies. Red Stag Inventories state that lack of signature will be taken as agreement by the tenant with the contents of the inventory.

We would recommend that you keep receipts for all purchases for the property, including professional cleaning etc. These receipts can be included in the inventory, as proof of professional cleaning etc. if they are left in the property for the inventory. They will need to be dated and detail where the work was carried out. In the absence of receipts, we will always use our professional judgement to asses the cleanliness and condition of the property, but receipts are useful as evidence.
If there is a dispute over an item that needs replaced at the end of the tenancy, a receipt will provide useful evidence of the value of replacing the item, (allowing for depreciation).

If you have any queries at all about your inventory, please do get in touch.