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We offer all the services you need for a  comprehensive property inventory. Come to us if you want peace of mind.

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Property Inventory and Schedule of Condition

A thorough and detailed inventory, detailing all fixtures, fittings and items in the property and their condition, along with the garden and its condition. The inventory will detail the level of cleanliness and any new items and/or decor. The average unfurnished inventory is over sixty pages long. The inventory is a written description backed up with dated, time stamped photographs. The completed inventory will be accessed via a secure client login and you will be provided with login details to pass you your tenant(s). It is the responsibility of the landlord, (or agent, if managing the property) to ensure that the tenant receives and signs the inventory. Red Stag Inventories allow seven days from access to the inventory, (which should correlate with the start of the tenanancy).


Check In

Red Stag Inventories will check the tenant into the property, hand over keys, go through the inventory and ask the tenant(s) to sign in agreement. Meter readings, as recorded in the inventory will be noted and agreed and tenants shown smoke and CO alarms and shown how to test them. No report will be created for a check in. The signed inventory is the document required for evidence of the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy.


Periodic inspection Report

A mid term, periodic inspection is recommended every six months or so of the tenancy. It is an opportunity for the tenant to report and issues or concernes, for updates to the condition of the property or items, (for example a new carpet or washing machine) to be noted and for any work done on the property to be documented. Observations will be made about the general condition and upkeep of the property. Red Stag Inventories will note any damage and any party of the property that would benefit from redecorating or maintenance. We will also note when tenants are taking good care of the property, caring for it well and communicate any feedback from the tenant. Periodic inspections can improve the tenant/landlord relationship by providing frequent opportunities for communication and an opportunity to deal with maintenance issues. They also provide an opportunity to check for poor housekeeping, neglect and unauthorised pets or occupants. These issues are best dealt with at the earliest opportunity. Finally periodic inspections allow and opportunity for the landlord to be made aware of any potential structural issues, leaks, damage to the rood and son on, that may otherwise be overlooked.


Check Out Report

Red Stag Inventories will go through the property thoroughly, ideally with the tenant(s) present. This will be done at the same time or just after, handover of keys. A written report, backed up with time stamped photographs will be created. Meter readings will be taken and keys photographed. If Red Stag Inventories created the inventory, the check out report will be in the form of a comparison report, where the original inventory is pulled up to form the basis of the check out report.

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